Shooting like Bass Reeves (in a hoodie): Getting your Clothes out of the Way

Does this photo relate directly to the post? Nope. Samuel L Jackson as Major Marquis Warren in The Hateful 8
Does this photo relate directly to the post? Nope.
Samuel L Jackson as Major Marquis Warren in The Hateful 8

Even my basics are basic.

The Dot Torture Drill put my press out under the microscope. First I practiced just that. I started at the fourth part of the draw and fire drill, trying to measure my trigger pull so that I would take up all of the slack by the time the weapon was at full extension.
This is harder than it sounds. The M&P isn’t known for its trigger, but the slack is actually pretty short, especially when you compare it to the length that your arms travel during the press out. I went through this for about 15 minutes before I tried to practice from draw.

I moved SLOWLY… clear the garment…get a sold grip on the weapon… draw it from the holster… move it parallel to the chest… Right there is where things went to hell. The back of the gun got caught up on the bottom of my hoody…

That’s it. Game over maaaan!

I tried it again. Same thing. I did it a third time and once again found my gun dragging on the bottom of my hoodie.

This isn’t a new garment. I’ve had it for years. What was the difference? I had never practiced with the hoody zipped up.

Honest mistake, right? No. To make myself think that I was a little bit quicker on the draw than I actually was, I was leaving a step out of the draw. I’m still not sure why I left it zipped that night, but I’m glad I did.

I had been grabbing it in the center and pulling it straight up to my sternum. It left a flap of material right in the path of my draw stroke. No matter how many times I tried, or how hight I tried to drag it, that flap was still there.

Of course, this problem disappeared when I unzipped the hoody and flipped it back beyond my hip. But what if I didn’t have a second to unzip. Should I ask politely? Shout, “Time out!” Or practice with it zipped.

In this video from, the instructor reaches across his body with his non draw hand and pulls the garment up and away from the weapon. That draws the garment tight across the body rather than leaving the fabric loosely hanging above the gun.

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